Kit Wan Studios is a Hong Kong-based studio working in the mediums of costume and sculpture. The Studio has carved out a cult-like body of work through diverse forms and design. KWS' distinctive work and vision comes from his cross-cultural background, where he creates a distinctive style that marries cutting-edge design with ethical craftsmanship. The studio sources its materials locally and produces its works in-house, whenever possible, minimizing waste and carbon footprint.

Hyper-customisation is the hallmark of this jacket, with removable elements and multiple
pockets to accommodate extra tablet accessories like headphones and charging cords, while
the eye-catching custom print elevates extreme functionality with a high fashion twist.

Take your Lenovo tablet anywhere with this integrated vest with a built in tablet harness. Slip the vest off to transform it into a simple carry bag.
Honouring craftsmanship and tradition, Kit Wan Studios emphasises the importance of partnering with local trade, no matter the medium or geography. This locally sourced garment sheds a light on the studio’s philosophy in using unique materials and rare objects, often found via small-batch collaborators.
A modular design means your jacket morphs to your me-time needs. Add and subtract pockets to your liking.
Stay in control of your comfort with a detachable blanket and hoodie.

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Lenovo Tab Wear Collection.

A hyperfocus me-time pod: sustainably designed anorak with an isolation hood.

A transforming all-season hammock to create your me-time cocoon anywhere - disguised in an inflatable poncho.

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