Taking its name from the old Amsterdam language, Bargoens, the Maium brand is a literal product of its environment: rain. Founded by an Amsterdam-based duo of friends, Maium’s fashionable yet functional pieces are designed to protect you from the elements. Rooted in sustainability, the brand incorporates ethical and conscious design practices in an attempt to restore the link to nature.

An inflatable poncho that can transform into a hammock, this jacket creates the ultimate comfortable cocoon, allowing the wearer to enjoy uninterrupted me-time in any environment.
Multiple pockets elevate the unusual silhouette to functional extremes, together with strong sustainability credentials from the recycled polyester fabric, handcrafted by certified manufacturers.

Transform your jacket into a hammock and put your feet up anywhere.
Regulate your temperature and comfort by inflating your jacket whenever, wherever.
Built to withstand the weather of Amsterdam, this garment is made from recycled polyester with a bionic finish eco layer, handmade in the sample rooms of GRS and Oekotex-100 certified manufacturers.

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Lenovo Tab Wear Collection.

Wearable modular techno-armor that shields you from the outside world and allows you to take your me-time anywhere.

A transforming all-season hammock to create your me-time cocoon anywhere - disguised in an inflatable poncho.

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